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Research Highlights


  • As a Postdoctoral Researcher at Dept. of Comp. Sc., Uni. of Missouri-Columbia, USA,  assisted in writing research proposal for funding from US Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) for conducting research in development of parallel video processing algorithms for high performance computing on multicore processors. I developed parallel algorithms for real time tracking on high definition airborne surveillance video which are now being are being deployed by AFRL in their Network Centric Exploitation and Tracking (NCET) project.
  • Worked on US Army/LWI-funded research project on wide area surveillance and tracking application in collaboration with Persistent Surviellance Systems (PSS) Inc. PSS provided the infrastructural support for developing the system where an array of camera was installed on a airplane that orbits around an entire city for several hours to capture the entire city movements in a Wide-Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) or video. As a lead person in our team from UMC, I was responsible for conducting research for automated vehicle detection and tracking in WAMI with novel feature extraction, feature selection and tracking framework to track vehicles in very challenging low resolution and low frame rate WAMI dataset.
  •  Received research grants from DRDO for conducting extramural research and developed research lab and computing facilities for the same.
  • As a Research Intern at International Business Machines (IBM), India, Worked on developing image processing library and porting video surveillance algorithms on Cell B.E platform for high performance. Successful implementation achieved significant speedup on common algorithms.          



Title of the project (Ref. no.)

Total cost and duration

Funding Agency




Development of high performance video surveillance algorithms on cost effective multicore architecture for homeland security (ERIP/ER/1004552/M/01/1307)


9.77 lakhs

Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO)

June 2011 -

April 2012



Development of cloud based surveillance and security system using Kinect sensor (No. A/R&D/RP-02/2012/205)

4.38 lakhs

M.P. Council of Science & Technology (MPCST)

2 years

Sanctioned on 12 Nov 2012