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Selected Journal Publications:

  1. Praveen Kumar, Sanyam Mehta, Ayush Singhal and Ankush Mittal, Real-time Moving Object Detection algorithm on High-resolution Videos using GPUs,   Journal of Real-Time Image Processing, Springer-verlag. Volume 11, Number 1, 2016. (SCI Indexed)

  2. Praveen Kumar, Sujoy Roy, Ankush Mittal and Padam Kumar, OS-Guard: on-site signature based framework for multimedia surveillance data management, Multimedia Tools and Applications, Springer-verlag. Volume 59, Number 1, 2012. (SCI Indexed)

  3. Praveen Kumar, Amit pande, Ankush Mittal and Padam Kumar, Efficient compression and network adaptive video transmission for distributed video surveillance, Multimedia Tools and Applications, Springer-verlag, Volume 56, Number 2, 2012. (SCI Indexed)

  4. Durgaprasad Gangodkar, Praveen Kumar, Padam Kumar, Ankush Mittal, Real-time motion detection using block matching algorithms on multicore processors, International Journal of Information and Communication Technology (IJICT). Vol. 3 No. 2, 2011

  5. Praveen Kumar, Ankush Mittal and Padam Kumar, Addressing uncertainty in multi-modal fusion for improved object detection in dynamic environmental conditions, Journal on Information Fusion Vol. 11, No. 4, Elsevier, 2010. (SCI Indexed)

  6. Ankush Mittal, Amit pande and Praveen Kumar, Content-based network resource allocation for real time remote laboratory applications, Journal of Signal, Image and Video Processing 4(2), Springer,  2010. (SCI Indexed)

  7. Praveen Kumar, Ankush Mittal and Padam Kumar, Study of Robust and Intelligent Surveillance in Visible and Multimodal frameworkInformatica: International Journal of Computing and Informatics, Vol. 31, 2007. (SCI Indexed)


‚ÄčSelected Conference Proceedings:

  1. S. Singh, Praveen KumarCFS performance improvement using Binomial Heap, 3rd IEEE Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI), 2015.
  2. Praveen Kumar, High Performance Object Detection on Big Video Data using GPUs, IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Big Data (BigMM), Beijing, China, 2015.
  3. K. Palaniappan, S. R. Davis, Praveen Kumar and I. Ersoy, Parallel Flux Tensor Analysis for Efficient Moving Object Detection, In IEEE proceedings of Intl. Conf. on Information Fusion at Chicago, July 2011.
  4. K. Palaniappan, Praveen Kumar, F. Bunyak, I. Ersoy, Efficient feature extraction and likelihood fusion for vehicle tracking in low frame rate airborne video, In IEEE proceedings of Intl. conf. on Information fusion, Edinburg, U.K, July 2010.
  5. Praveen Kumar, Kannappan Palaniappan, Ankush Mittal, Parallel Blob Extraction using Multicore Cell Processor, Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems, Bordeaux, France. LNCS, 2009, Volume 5807/2009
  6.  Amit Pandey, Ankush Mittal, Amit Verma and Praveen Kumar, Meeting Realtime Requirements for a low bitrate Multimedia encoding framework, In IEEE proceedings of Itnl. Conf. on Electro/ Information Tech. at Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 2008. 
  7. G M Rao, Praveen  Kumar, V. Kumari, A Pande, G R Babu, An Investigation into the use of Partial Face in the Mobile Environment, In: 7th International Symposium on Visual Computing, Las Vegas, USA, August 2011.