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International Journal:
• Poonam Sharma, K. V. Arya and R. N. Yadav, “Efficient face recognition using generalized mean wavelet neural network”, Signal Processing, Vol. 93, no. 6, June 2013, pp. 1557–1565. SCI JOURNAL(Impact Factor 2.238)
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• Piyush Kumar Shukla, Sachin Goyal, Rajesh Wadhvani, M. A. Rizvi, Poonam Sharma, and Neeraj Tantubay, “Finding Robust Assailant Using Optimization Functions (FiRAO-PG) in Wireless Sensor Network,”Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol. 2015, no. 594345, 2015. doi:10.1155/2015/594345 SCI JOURNAL(Impact factor 0.762).
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• Arun Dixit, Poonam Sharma, “A Novel Approach of Wavelet Shrinkage for Image Denoising using Particle Swarm Optimizer”, Infocomp Journal of Computer Science, (In Press).
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 International Conference:
• Poonam Sharma, K. V. Arya and R. N. Yadav, “Extraction of Facial Features using Higher   Order Moments in Curvelet Transform and Recognition using Generalized Mean   Neural Networks”, International Conference on Soft Computing for problem solving at IIT Roorkee,  Vol.131, pp 717-728, 20-22 Dec, 2011.
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• Poonam Sharma and Arun Dixit, “An Adaptive Harmony Search Algorithm for Solving Optimization Problems”,International conference on computational intelligence and communication networks(CICN 2014), Lakshmi Narain College of Technology, Bhopal, 7-8 Nov 2014.

 National Conference:
• Vimal Singh, Poonam Sharma, “A Survey on Image Morphing”, National Conference on Emerging trends in computer science & communication technology, Bareily, 06 April, 2013.

• Praveen Johari, Poonam Sharma, “A Survey on Text Identification”, National Conference on Emerging trends in computer science & communication technology, Bareily, 06 April, 2013.

• Poonam Sharma, K. V. Arya and R. N. Yadav, “Face Recognition using curvelet and wavelets: A Review”, National Conference on Recent Trends in Information Technology held at M.P.C.T., Gwalior, 26-27 Feb, 2010.

• Poonam Sharma, “A fault tolerant and adaptive dynamic channel allocation scheme in cellular networks”, National Conference on wired and wireless comm., BUIT, Bhopal, 26-27 April, 2008.

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• Poonam Sharma, “Dynamic channel allocation in cellular mobile communication”, National Symposium on Data and Knowledge engineering, ADIT, Anand, Gujarat, 25 September, 2005.