>>Research Projects/Facility/Labs Developed

Sponsored Research Projects

1. IBM Shared University Research Award
(Jointly with Dr. U.A. Deshpande, Prof. Ravindra Keskar and Prof. Mansi Radke)

Project Title : Elastic Cloud Computing Applications Based on Distributed Algorithms

Total Amount – USD 24000$

Cloud Computing Lab developed with this grant.

Industrial Consultancy

1. Organization: MahaGenco

Project Title : Survellance hardware and software.
(Jointly with Dr. U.A. Deshpande)

Date – Mar 2018-ongoing
Total Amount – Rs. 43.00 Lakh

2. Organization : NIT Nagpur
Project Title : Technical Due Diligence of office automation software
Date – Mar 2017-April 2018

Total Amount – Rs. 2.00 Lakh

3. Organization : MAFSU

Project Title : Technical Due Diligence of admission software

Date – Mar 2017-July 2018

Total Amount – Rs. 32.00 Lakh

3. Organization : M/s Tata Capital Limited
Project Title : Technical Due Diligence of M/s. Anoosmar Technologies, Pune.
(Jointly with Prof. Ravindra Keskar and Dr. U.A. Deshpande)

Date – Mar-April 2013
Total Amount – Rs. 3.00 Lakh

4. Organization : Consultancy M/s Persistent Systems Ltd., Nagpur, India
Project Title: Technical Management of a Telecom product

Date – July-Sep 2010
Total Amount – Rs. 1.75 Lakhs