Programme Outcomes (POs)


  1. To obtain sound knowledge in the theory, principles and applications of computer systems.
  2. Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering in the design and development of software systems.
  3. Configure recent software tools, apply test conditions, and deploy and mange them on computer systems.
  4. Perform experiments on different software packages either obtain from external parties or developed by themselves and analyse the experimental results.
  5. Design and develop software projects given their specifications and within performance and cost constraints.
  6. Identify, formulate and solve software engineering problems and understand the software project management principles.
  7. Ability to understand the computing needs of inter-disciplinary scientific and engineering disciplines and design and develop algorithms and techniques for achieving these.
  8. Acquire and understand new knowledge, use them to develop software products, and to understand the importance of lifelong learning.
  9. Ability to extend the state of art in some of the areas of interest and create new knowledge.
  10. Communicate effectively in oral, written and graphical form.
  11. Work cooperatively, resonsibly, creatively, and respectfully in teams.
  12. Understand professional and ethical responsibilities and analyze the impact of computing on individuals, organizations, and the society.